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The Beauty of Candles with Jaanu Beauty

Socialite Sips

Peace of mind can be achieved in many ways and one of the most effective ways is through our transformative sense of smell.

Catchin’ Up with Morgan Williams

Socialite Sips

Learn from Basketball Wife, Morgan Williams in this Socialite Sip!

Hubby Check-In: Welcoming Our New Baby Girl

Miss Married

By Jarrod Jones I’m sure that anyone who has a family member playing sports overseas, serving our country abroad, or even studying in a foreign exchange program is familiar with the struggles of long distance relationships. Going into my 9th professional basketball season in Europe those struggles were magnified by 1,000. Considering my wife was […]

Let Your Child Speak Life into You

Mom Life

Have you ever had a parent or family member tell you, “Life and death is in the power of the tongue?”

Pregnancy & My Purpose

Paint your Purpose

When a woman carries a child there is so much that comes with it. So many emotions and changes you experience while you are growing a life for 40 weeks. We all know the physical changes you go through, along with the emotional changes, but the most important change is the mental one. You never […]

Brand Refresh and Soaking Up Some Sun

Mom Life

With the sun out beaming and the different cities starting to open back up, people are trying to salvage what’s left of this year’s summer.

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