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paint your purpose


Pregnancy & My Purpose

Paint your Purpose

When a woman carries a child there is so much that comes with it. So many emotions and changes you experience while you are growing a life for 40 weeks. We all know the physical changes you go through, along with the emotional changes, but the most important change is the mental one. You never […]

Brand Refresh and Soaking Up Some Sun

Mom Life

With the sun out beaming and the different cities starting to open back up, people are trying to salvage what’s left of this year’s summer.

My Steps to Overcoming Complacency

Socialite Sips

For me as a stay-at-home mom, complacency toggles in the back of my mind like a ping pong game.

The Reason Behind Carefree Dana

Mom Life

This past month I’ve learned a little more about myself through this whole “mom thing.” This little girl has changed me in more ways than one.

A Father’s Day Tribute to My Girl(s)Dad!

Socialite Sips

We could use a day to celebrate the special fathers in our lives. This Father’s Day I wanted to do a tribute to the “Girl Dad.”

COVID-19 and My Marriage: How We Grew Closer

Miss Married

Living in a world full of uncertainty can make a relationship stronger or weaker. I personally have learned to appreciate it!

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